Mr Test Prep- Educational Consultant | SAT ACT Prep Tutor Palo Alto CA-Surrounding Areas.

Mr Test PrepEducational Consultant | SAT ACT Prep Tutor Palo Alto CA-Surrounding Areas.
The #1 tutoring company in Palo Alto CA, I know the ins and outs of the ACT/SAT system, with over 17 years experience. We offer a Free Trial Session and Score Guarantee!

 ….from the overachiever with test anxiety to the smart kid who never tries; from the Math wiz to the poet with a 504 plan; from the theater techie to the cross-country anchor; from the diligent studier to the kid who just doesn’t get what the big deal is. I’ve worked with all of them, and I’ve found different approaches that fit with their diverse needs. However, beyond all the complex strategies necessary to be an effective teacher of high school-aged students, I’ve also learned throughout my career that I really, honestly enjoy working with this age range. I’m not their adversary; I’m their ally. And I think that comes through.


Mr. Test Prep___Tutoring Service, Educational Consultant

**Gary Mark Vincent ___ Market Research & Analyst**


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